Hi! My name is D K Bhargav Achary, most people simply call me “Bhargav”!

After being habituated to ask WHY and HOW ‘n’ number of times from my early education in Odisha, I have always fascinated for research!

And, for finding answers to some of my WHYs on my own, I have joined IIT Hyderabad as a Ph.D. student.

I am in the 2nd year of my Ph.D. in the Computer Science and Engineering department of IITH, researching in the area of micro-architectural hardware security in the context of DNNs. I am a member of CANDLE Lab and CARS Lab. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Sparsh Mittal @ IITH and Biswa @ IITK.

Prior to joining IIT Hyderabad, I have worked as a Senior Technical Assistant in Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group, DRDO and as a Systems Engineer in Infosys Limited.

I have earned a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, and my interests in consumer electronics and computing devices keeps me hooked up in exploring new technologies and science. So here in this page you would get to explore not just about my research, but also random tech and science stuff as and when I blog.

Stay Tuned! The website is about to get updated with more content, very soon.

Thanks for visiting!